It’s a foody experience…

Hi! I’m Hamidah. I love trying new things and staying saucy so I created this blog to document my journey. Go ahead and snoop around, read a few things and leave me a comment. Drop a question or two if you’re curious. Enjoy something saucy with GET SAUCIER! XOXO ; )

Recently on food:

French toasts kebab!

Yess!!!… That is bread! Don’t know how I thought of this, LOl, but it looks good, don’t you think. Get your bread slices ready and flatten them with a rolling pin. Spread whatever you’d like. Jam, peanut butter, nutella, I used melted chocolate. Then you roll them. Grease your pan and toast. When that is… Continue reading French toasts kebab!

Yam pancakes!!

Was tired of boring ol’ yam and stew. So I made yam pancakes instead!!! Wanna know how? Yup, I gatchu. You’re going to need: 3 cups of blended yam A cup of flour 2 teaspoons of baking powder 3 tablespoons of oil 3 eggs (white separated from yolk) Sliced onions Crushed pepper Salt to tast… Continue reading Yam pancakes!!

Let’s catch up!

Hey everyone, Hope this meets you well. How are you all doing during this time? How have you been coping? Thank you so very much to everyone who has veiwed, liked, subscribed. Honestly you guys make me so happy. I love youuuuu!!😘😘😘. As for me, I’ve really been doing a lot of thinking during this… Continue reading Let’s catch up!


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